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The Charity Commission, reflecting the public interest, now demands that those governing and managing charities be accountable and transparent, and that trustees and managers are given suitable training. High standards of corporate governance and risk management are expected of Charity trustees.

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Independent Examination and Charity Trustee Products

We, at Peter Brown & Co provide practical solutions to the demands placed on charity trustees and administrators, and we provide support and assistance to other accountants who may need to advise clients in the charity sector, but do not have the specialised knowledge of the sector that is required nowadays.

In particular, we can help to meet the accounting and governance requirements of the Charities Act and the SORP (ie The Statement of Recommended Practice for Accounting and Reporting issued by the Charity Commissioners).

In some of the areas described below, we provide the services ourselves – in others, we have a panel of experts in particular specialisms and geographical areas that enables us to provide a holistic approach to the governance of charities, so that we can be ‘the one stop shop’. We help accountants, trustees and charity administrators with...

Our products

  • Accounts production tools to prepare SORP and FRSSE compliant accounts for charities
  • Charity template addons for VT Accounts production software
  • Training CDs and videos on a range of administration and governance issues for charities

Our services

  • Advice on accounting systems,PAYE, VAT and tax advice for charities and their accountants.
  • Courses and seminars for practising accountants, trustees and administrators of charities
  • Advice on charity management issues such as risk management and reserves policies
  • Charity registration and company formation services
  • Advice on fundraising and obtaining grants, and trading by charities
  • Advice on the purchasing of equipment, resources and goods and services
  • Developing effective websites for charities
  • Subcontract work on charity accounts for other firms of accountants
  • Audit engagements and special reports for charities, including EU verifications.

Our team comprises auditors, accountants and advisors with expertise in the charity sector, and we have a panel of associates across the UK who can provide service on the spot.

This website describes our products and services and how we can work in partnership with accountants and charity trustees and administrators.

As with all our services, our fees are highly competitive. Our offices are set in a rural location, and therefore we have low premises overheads. This means that we are able to offer the highest quality services, very often at the lowest price.

Our solutions
VT Software templates VT Charity Templates
Efficient and SORP compliant charity accounts production software....
Services for accountants Services for Accountants
Charity accounts advice for other accountants.
Services for Charities Services for Charities
Services and advice for charities and their trustees...

Charitiy Audit threshold increased
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Incrrease in charity audit thresholds
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New SORPs published today!!!
The new SORPs (Statement of Recommended Practice for Reporting by...

Confusion and chaos is to overwhelm charity accounting
The Financial Reporting Council have, in July 2014, indicated that in...

Some local authorities have been changing the documentation in support of...

Charity templates for the new SORPs
The new SORPs take effect for accounting periods commencing on or after...

New Charity SORP
The new Charities SORP (Statement of Recommended Practice on Accounting...

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