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Clever solutions for charity accounting
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Our Commitment to our clients

To be effective, we believe that professional relationships need to be based on mutual trust, mutual support, mutual respect and mutual integrity.

As a result we only work with clients who share our belief in the importance of these four factors.

In practice that means that:

We will always…

Do everything in our power to:

  • Keep clients fully informed about what’s happening on their affairs, and complete every task on or ahead of time - so that clients never have to chase us
  • Operate on the principle that a problem isn’t solved, or a piece of work finished, until a client is 100% delighted
  • Reply to every telephone message the day a client calls us - wherever possible within 90 minutes, but always within one working day.
  • Reply to every letter, wherever possible, on the day we receive it, but always within three working days.
  • Maintain the high standards of integrity, honesty, openness, professionalism and confidentiality that clients rightly expect from us
  • Refer our contacts to clients where we believe they could benefit from a client’s products and services
  • Always be on the lookout for new ideas that could help clients to build an even more successful business and achieve their business goals
  • And do what we say we are going to do, when we say we are going to do it

In return we ask our client to always…

Do everything in their power to:

  • Maintain the high standards of integrity, honesty and openness that we rightly expect from each other
  • Pay our fees on the due date.
  • Tell us immediately if we do any thing that a client is in any way unhappy with
  • Provide us with any information and answers we need to carry out our work within the mutually agreed timescales.

As with all our services, our fees are highly competitive. Our offices are set in a rural location, and therefore we have low premises overheads. This means that we are able to offer the highest quality services, very often at the lowest price.

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