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V4 SORP 2000 Update 2 - Proof line

Error in proof line on detailpl2 at row 79

This bulletin ONLY applies to Version 4 SORP 2000 of the VT Charity templates.

The following error has been observed on the UNINCORPORATED templates only. It was corrected on 02/08/05 and corrected templates may be downloaded in the usual way, using the download link. The templates concerned are indexam2.xlt and unincaud2.xlt (ie the two unincorporated templates)

This error is not fatal. There is a reference error in the proof line at row 79.

It can be altered manually by simply deleting the error refs in the formulae in the cells C79,D79,E79 and G79. Alternatively, the entire row 79 can be safely deleted, provided the user carefully checks that the total of the schedule agrees to the relevant Trial balance entries.

The error has been corrected in the downloads available. You only need to download the templates (which includes all the current templates) and unzip the files. You do not need to reconfigure the templates within VT. Once you have unloaded and unzipped the files, the amended templates are overwrite your existing templates and immediately available for use.


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