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Charities Act and Companies Act Implementation

Implementation Plan

The Charities Act 2006 and the Companies Act 2006 are complex pieces of legislation. Amongst other things, there are numerous changes to accounting limits and procedures. Some of these need Statutory Instruments - some are included in prime legislation. Some require detailed consultation before they can be implemented.

Different parts of the Acts are given different starting dates - and specific provisions do not apply before their starting date.

As a result there is going to be a detailed Implementation Plan. This will be shortly published on the Charity Commission website.

Until the details of this plan are known, the law stays as it has been up to the present. When the changes start to be phased in , there could be overlap in many areas between old and new provisions.

It is our intention to provide training courses on the Companies Act 2006 and the Charities Act 2006, with related training material, as soon as the implementation dates become clearer - Watch this space!

Still to come :-

* A consolidation of Charity Law in 2008

* Amended Charity Accounting Regulations following the implementation of
the new Act

* A review of audit and scrutiny thresholds in the next 12 months

* A new SORP ( Yes- really) planned for 2009 or 2010


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