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FAQs No 3 Formatting , Page Breaks and Text Boxes

How to correctly format printing of accounts

New users often find that page breaks appear in the wrong place, or in the middle of text boxes , with unpredictable results , or that the printed page is too small, or that blank pages are printed. This is particularly so in the notes to the accounts and in the trustees' report.

These are all either Excel problems or part of the normal functioning of VT and are not peculiar to our templates. However, you are more likely to see such problems in our templates than in normal VT because of the large number of text boxes that may straddle page breaks.

First of all , look carefully at the print formatting and page break sections of the VT help files.

Put simply, the procedures are :-

Switch autohide on and remove all page breaks using the VT 'remove all breaks' command. On the Excel file menu, set the page setup parameters so that the printed page is 100%. Then review the pages in page break preview mode. Insert any manual page breaks you require, and remove any spurious blank columns to the right of the printed page, by careful use of the Excel delete column command. Make sure you only delete columns outside the actual account pages. Check that page set up is still 100%.

Then check to see if any page breaks are hidden behind text boxes. This might need temporary reduction of the size of the text boxes to reveal hidden breaks.

Where this occurs, insert new rows below the page break, using the Excel insert rows command, and create a new text box in those rows, using the VT command.

Then copy and paste the last part of the text in the original text box into the new text box, and format both text boxes using the size command so that the page break falls between the two text boxes. Repeat this exercise throughout the accounts, and review the end result.

This work can be a bit tedious, and we find that the cost effective approach is to delegate this to junior none technical secretarial staff.


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