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There is a wealth of published information on the internet of interest to trustees, charity administrators and accountants who want to advise charities.

Some of these publications are free – some of them are very pricey. The problem is finding what is relevant – and finding it quickly and efficiently. We have pulled together some of the best resources on charity accounting. Please use the links below to navigate the catalogue of publications and 3rd party links:

Peter Brown & Co also publish a number of guides, bulletins and fact sheets, including a regular free Charity Newsletter - sign up today to keep yourself abreast of key issues and developments.

Peter Brown & Co also have a range of training videos and CDs for trustees, charity staff and other accountants.

The Charity Commission now expect that charities have proper policies to train their trustees and charity administrators to a high standard. Quick and efficient access to information is a key part of any training policy.

What we have done on this web site is prepare a central resource finder that gives links to various publications – a one stop shop for those involved with the administration of charities. Over time we will build up and develop this facility and add to it, in the hope that trustees, charity administrators and accountants who want to advise charities will find it a useful tool.

We would welcome suggestions of web links to be included in our central resource finder. Please email us at with your recommendations.

In addition to the publications shown above , there is a wealth of information in our resources section


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