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Accounts production software

The SORP lays down stringent requirements for reporting information about charities in the published accounts. The Charity Commission also require specific systems of internal control to be applied by charities. Many donors have specific requirements about monitoring performance.Sorpaid

This poses two challenges for trustees, charity administrators and accountants in practice.

The obvious one is how do you prepare a set of accounts that discloses all the information stipulated. Less obvious, perhaps, is how do you efficiently and accurately record the detail of analysis that is required by the SORP, or by donors, so that when the accounts are prepared they show the correct information at the lowest possible cost in management time and accountancy fees.

We believe there is a package of three solutions that we can offer to these two problems.

Solution 1 - Charity templates for VT Software

From this web site, fellow professionals and charity administrators can acquire templates that integrate with the well known VT Accounts Production software that will produce accounts for both incorporated and unincorporated charities. The accounts produced will comply both with the SORP and with the Companies Act and also with audit and other regulatory requirements. They contain detailed checklists and prompts that will assist greatly in achieving correct disclosure.

The VT Software program is required to operate these templates, and VT Software comes with VT Transaction, a program that will help with the basic record keeping for smaller charities.

Solution 2- Sage accounts software

Our charity templates will produce finalised accounts, but all but the very smallest charity will require a proper accounting system to record the basic transactions of the charity and provide the analysis needed for the final accounts to comply with the SORP. Peter Brown and Co are members of the Sage Accountants club, and can obtain accounts and payroll software from Sage for registered charities at discounted prices. Where VT Transaction is not the solution, then Sage probably will be.

Training, advice and installation of your Sage and VT software

We will discuss your needs with you and recommend the most appropriate Sage or VT solutions, and if necessary suggest training resources, either CDS and videos or courses, so that charity staff use the software to its full potential.

If required, we will help you with the installation and implementation of your new software.

Solution 3- the Consultancy Approach

Elsewhere on this website we describe how these problems may be solved by using our consultancy services to design and implement a full system of internal control, to meet the requirements of the Charity Commission. Such a system could include a VT or a Sage element within the overall solution.

As with all our services, our fees are highly competitive. Our offices are set in a rural location, and therefore we have low premises overheads. This means that we are able to offer the highest quality services, very often at the lowest price

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