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Audit services and special reports

There can be several situations, even where there is an existing accountant, where the services of a specialist auditor may be required.

It may be that the charity has gross income ( ie not turnover) in excess of £90,000, in the case of an incorporated charity, or £250,000 in the case of an unincorporated charity, and the existing accountant is not a registered auditor.

It may be that the existing accountant, even if a registered auditor, feels it would be preferable to use a specialist.

It may be that a specialist report is required, such as an Article 4 Verification Certificate (A4VC) under the European Social Fund, or under some requirement from a grant funder, and the existing accountant is either not authorised to carry out the work, or feels that such work requires specific experience.

It may be that the existing accountant feels that there is insufficient independence to justify undertaking the work, under the ethical guidelines. This would be the case, for example, if a family member of the accountant was a trustee.

In such cases, we would take our instructions directly from the client, but undertake not to provide any other professional services to the charity or the trustees without written permission from the accountancy firm.

We would operate the engagement processes that we, as a firm, considered appropriate, and would plan and perform our audit or other verification work according to our own procedures.

We would agree the fee basis in advance directly with the charity concerned.

We provide a reliable and effective service, which helps meet statutory requirements. We use a tailored, risk-based audit approach, ensuring that we allocate our resources effectively and focus on the key issues. We provide regular feedback to trustees and executive management,

From our office based in York, which is a maximum of three hours by road, air or rail from 80% of the population of the United Kingdom, we can offer a prompt and efficient accounts production and audit service . Books and records can be sent to us by courier.


As with all our services, our fees are highly competitive. Our offices are set in a rural location, and therefore we have low premises overheads. This means that we are able to offer the highest quality services, very often at the lowest price.

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