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Courses and Seminars

The Charity Commission place great emphasis on the training given to trustees and administrators, and also to the induction of new trustees.
It is important for the good management of charities that trustees and administrators are aware of their obligations, and that their advisors keep up to date.

Under the 2005 SORP, the trustees must disclose the training arrangements that are in place, and many donors are willing to make additional funds available for training purposes.

The demanding role of trustees is increasingly focused on matters such as governance, stewardship, accountability and transparency. Trustees require specific training on financial and non-financial matters to ensure trustees clearly understand their role and responsibilities, as well as best sector practice. This is true whether the charity is large or small.

Through a training company, Branchword Consulting Ltd, we provide a seminar programme, with knowledgeable and experienced speakers.

The seminars give a clear understanding of the legal framework in which trustees and administrators must operate and exercise their responsibilities.

The seminars are tailored to the particular structure and activities of the charities attending, and when booking a seminar , details of the size of the charity, and the nature of the activities should be given so that the course can be tailored.

A seminar programme can be arranged for a specific charity, and in such cases, a seminar timed to coincide with regular trustees' meetings is often an ideal arrangement. The session would last for about an hour before the formal trustees’ meeting, and there would be further sessions over a period.

Alternatively, to keep costs down, two or three charities could band together and a half day or full day could be allocated.

Training for trustees and administrators should be regarded as a continuing obligation, as there are always new developments and changing legislative requirements, and we consider that a very small charity should plan to have at least six hours of such courses per annum, and a larger charity should plan on perhaps ten. It may be that some sessions would be appropriate to all trustees and administrators of a charity, and others would only be relevant to those with specific responsibilities.
Costs will vary according to circumstances, but as a rough guide, a cost of about £100 per head per annum should cover the annual needs of most charities.

Induction training for new trustees is provided on a periodic basis for new trustees from several charities meeting together for a single three hour session at a cost per head dependent on the number of attendees.


As with all our services, our fees are highly competitive. Our offices are set in a rural location, and therefore we have low premises overheads. This means that we are able to offer the highest quality services, very often at the lowest price.

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