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Advice on investment policies

The Charity Commission require trustees to have properly worked out policies on investment.

They strongly recommend in booklet CC14 that charity trustees decide on an investment policy for their charity, record it clearly in writing, and keep it under regular review - if they have delegated their investment function to an investment manager these are legal requirements. Without an investment policy, trustees are likely to find it difficult to demonstrate that they are making good use of the charity's funds.

Any investment policy should, for example, address the following considerations:

  • the need for enough resources for the charity to carry out its present and future activities effectively;
  • the level of acceptable risk and how to manage it; and
  • the charity's stance on ethical investment, if any (see below)

Peter Brown & Co cannot advise on particular investments – although we can introduce clients to specialist advisors, and we can assist with strategic planning.


As with all our services, our fees are highly competitive. Our offices are set in a rural location, and therefore we have low premises overheads. This means that we are able to offer the highest quality services, very often at the lowest price.

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